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Xylitol Warning and Other Toxins

Small Cute Pet Chihuahua Having A SleepLast Updated: 3-14-2015

Many of you are aware of the deadly potential of this sugar substitute, but it is worth addressing again!

Xylitol is a sugar substitute and can be found in gum, chocolates, even toothpaste! In dogs, xylitol can cause a drop on blood sugar, with difficulty walking, collapse and seizures.  It can even cause liver failure and death.

If you believe that your dog ingested any product with xylitol in it, please call the office or if after hours, the emergency clinic right away to determine best decontamination procedures for your pet.

Don’t forget, human products are not always safe for pets, including foods!

Here are a few other toxic items commonly found in homes and yards:

  • Tylenol KILLS cats.  Never give any over the counter medication to your pet without checking with a veterinarian.
  • GRAPES and RAISINS can cause kidney failure.  Exact cause unknown. Obviously, some dogs and cats have been eating grapes as treats for years without any problem but best not to give!
  • COCOA MULCH Do not use this product for gardening in your yard if you have a dog that likes to eat mulch.  Just like chocolate, it can cause heart problems in dogs as they are not able to metabolize theobromine, the active ingredient in chocolate that is like caffeine.


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