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The Whole Pet Archives

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August 2019 Newsletter

Summer  Newsletter Happy Summer!!  Hot, full of activities; going by so fast.  That’s both at the the office and at home where I am spending time with my family as often as I can.  I hope that our clients are taking cues from our pets to play outside, bask in the warm sun, watch the sunsets and go for a swim!  Time is so precious and my animals remind me to live every day to it’s fullest.

February 2019 Newsletter

Happy Winter folks! Pups are getting some play time in the snow and I am recharging every weekend playing in the snow as well. I am a New Englander that loves winter. Things are bustling here at the clinic with our continued drive and vision to make our patient care the best for all our patients. My goal is to enhance pets and peoples lives through daily actions that improve quality of life.

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