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Summer Newsletter 2016

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News & Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

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swimmingHappy Summer!

Another New England Spring of crazy weather extremes from one day to the next. The bugs sure are loving it so please be protective for your dogs and cats with appropriate parasite prevention. We are looking to get a bat house at home to help control the crazy mosquito population.

Summer Safety tips

Please remember these common sense approaches to having fun with your pet this summer!

Heat Safety

NEVER leave your pet in a car for any amount of time this summer. The temperature in the car can increase even with windows open. The temperature can reach 116 within an hour when it is just 72 degrees! If it is 80, it can be 99 within 10 minutes!

If you come across a car with a pet inside and you are concerned it is in distress, it is recommended to get the car make and model down, try to locate owner in local store, and contact local ACO or police department. Try to stay with the animal. There are many stories of people breaking a window to get the animal access but have to potentially deal with risk to the pet as well as legality of property damage. Be proactive and make a post about the dangers. Tell your friends and family…sometimes people are just unaware!

Here are some contact numbers:

Beverly Animal Control: 978 921-6040 Non-emergency police line: 978 922-1212
Salem Animal Control:978 744 0171 x121 Non-emergency police line: 978 744-1212
Danvers Animal Control:978 777-0001×3023 Non-emergency police line: 978 774-1212
Peabody Animal Control:978 538-6340 Non-emergency police line: 978 531-1212

Pavement perils: When the sun beats down on the asphalt, we have to be aware of our pets not wearing flip flops! The rule of thumb is that you should be able to place your hand or foot on the pavement for 10 seconds in order to be “safe” for your pet to walk on. If not, please go to grassy surfaces. It also helps to plan walks early in the day or late once the temperatures have cooled down.

Water safety:

Pools, lakes and the ocean can definitely help keep a pet cool over the summer months. It is important to always watch your pet around the water. If your pet does swim in a chlorinated pool, it is best to rinse them with freshwater after swimming. If you are able to find a great place to swim in the ocean, make sure your pet does not ingest a lot of salt water. It can cause anything from an upset stomach to neurological side effects from the salt! For our fresh water seekers, do make sure to stay away from murky or stagnant water. If a beach is closed for people, it is closed for your pet too.

Fireworks anxiety

Please be kind to your pets and don’t take them to events where fireworks will be set off. There will still likely be plenty of noise around the neighborhoods during the weekend celebrations. Give your pet a safe place to hang out. Many prefer the bathroom. Allow it. Turn on a radio, closed the blinds. Some pets may benefit from some of our nutritional supplements aimed at decreasing anxiety. Check out Solliquin, a new product from Nutramax that combines multiple active ingredients to calm your dog or cat. If you have concerns about your pet’s anxiety, contact us today!

Joint Supplementation Therapy

We are excited to step up our joint protection for our dogs with Nutramax’s upgraded Dasuquin Advanced. Many of our pets have benefited from the protection that Dasuquin offered with its chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM. The new Dasuquin Advanced product has boswellia, curcuma and green tea as powerful antioxidants.

We are also now pleased to offer Movoflex, another joint supplement that is made with eggshell membrane as well as other antioxidants and can be a great alternative if your pet does not enjoy dasuquin. It’s combination of joint protectants may help get the spring back in your pet’s step! Check it out here.

Update on Computer Issues

We have been able to restore the computer completely and wanted to assure all of our clients that no personal information was compromised in any way. We have safeguards in place with our firewall and computer protection system.

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam


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