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September Newsletter 2015

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News & Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

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Summer Newsletter 2015

The days of summer go by so swiftly. Dog days of summer when the sun is out, the kids are playing and the moon is full. My girls are getting older, now 10 and 13 and it makes me nostalgic to think of the days when they were just babies. I don’t want to think how quickly that time has flown by.

I appreciate so much the clients that I have known over the years that ask about them and also shudder when I say their ages!! Being a mom and a business owner has been hard work but also such a blessing. The livelihood of being veterinarian that spills into our home life is definitely never boring. The lives and deaths of all the pets that we have known have shaped my girls value of “the moment”.

Needing efficiency and expertise in my life, I have been able to work on relationships for things that I value and things I really appreciate.

In this newsletter, I just wanted to share with clients that people, places and things that make life sweeter!

Dental Care

BANHC has had dental radiography for over a decade but the last few years we have seen a shift where we have more and more clients caring for their pet’s teeth at home and investing into professional care to help their mouth well. Pets are not good advocates at all for their mouths. Think of how sensitive your gums maybe or maybe you have had to have a root canal? Think of what a pet uses its mouth for! Eating, drinking, offense, defense, pick up things, grooming. And think about not brushing your teeth for a week never mind years on end.

Yes, there are some pets that do not tolerate brushing their teeth but mostly it is a simple habit that one needs to weave into out busy lives! Paste with taste and making it fun are my favorite sayings. Please check out for more information or ask us when you come in with your pet!

Laser therapy

Our laser therapy unit has helped so many patients feel better from musculoskeletal strains, osteoarthritis and wounds. We have worked on our techniques as well enhancing the patient experience and outcomes. Our pets are again able to deal with so many aches and pains before they actually complain. With yearly comprehensive exams, we try to do early intervention for weight control, flexibility and range of motion. In addition to the laser, we love Good Dog Aquatic with Luis and Mary in North Andover to help our pets recover from orthopedic surgeries, improve conditioning with osteoarthritis.

K-949 Dog training for humans with dogs

K-949: Training for Humans with Dogs is a great FB page that focuses on so many common behavioral issues owners may have. Although not searchable because it is a FB timeline, it is easy to scroll down through to find great articles on behavior issues. I do also really like website for excellent training and behavior tips. There are so many “ experts” out there so I do want to steer all our clients in the right direction!

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl for Emergency and specialty care in Waltham. It is not right in our neighborhood but it is surely worth the trip when your pet has an after-hours emergency or needs a specialty surgery or internal medicine consult. It’s a small hospital and we are able to communicate with the doctors easily to make sure the best is being done for your pet.

Other things I love:

Recycled yoga mats on the tables for cats and on the floors for our dogs to make the “platform” for an examination more secure and comfortable. Feliway cat pheromone spray to make visits less anxious for cats.

The summer will be coming to a close before we know it. Our college interns have left after spending some time with us getting to see what working as a veterinarian is like. We hope that they had fun and learned a lot about life and business as well.

Please be aware flea season will be in its peak now until a solid frost happens. The Seresto collar has been our top choice for both dogs and cats for safety and efficacy. It prevents ticks as well. There are a few new oral products available for flea and tick control. Their market is especially for families that have children and /or multiple pets that are worried about topical products. These are a chemical pesticide that is ingested that is bound to protein in the blood but then excreted in feces. I am not completely confident that they are the safest option out there but each individual has to weigh the pros and cons and the safety risks. If you are interested in trying, we do have a limited number of samples of Bravecto, a 3 month product. Please check out

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam


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