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Parasite Prevention

Last Updated: 9-27-2016

Please note that we have changed our focus from Heartworm prevention to parasite prevention for all our canine patients.

We are fortunate to not have a high incidence of heartworm in this area. This is due to high compliance by our dog owners as well as the ever changing climate here in New England.

However, we have plenty of other parasites that can affect BOTH pets and humans called intestinal parasites. The most common ones we detect are roundworms, hookworms and whipworms. The parasites are found in fecal matter and are easily transmitted by walking on contaminated soil, licking paws, etc.

Humans are most often exposed by walking barefoot or not practicing proper hygiene. By using Interceptor, a common heartworm preventative, we are able to help decrease the occurrence of these parasites in our pets and therefore in us too!

Please consider year-round use of Interceptor for parasite control for your family.

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