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Pain Management

pain-mftLast Updated: 9-27-2016

Pain is one of the hottest topics at veterinary conferences in the last ten years. Previously, pain was viewed as a necessary evil. Fortunately, pain care has become a focus of veterinary research as well as daily practice. As a result, our patients are feeling more comfortable and are able to heal better and faster.

Here at Beverly Animal Natural Health Center, we hope to alleviate pain as best as we can as well as to treat it when it occurs in trauma cases or surgical procedures. If your pet is admitted for routine surgery, pain medication is always part of the plan and is modified according to your pet’s needs. For non-routine hospitalizations, the entire staff monitors your pet to determine the best pain management for him or her. This involves careful observation of their body language as well as monitoring physical parameters such as temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. Since pain cannot be measured quantitatively, we use a number of ways to evaluate our non-verbal patients.

painIn addition to in hospital use of pain medications, we are also now able to treat patients readily at home for causes of chronic pain such as osteoarthritis in dogs.

Please see the article on Canine Osteoarthritis for more information.

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