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Please note important clinic hours during our move.

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Clinic Hours Week of October 2nd

Monday, October 2: Open for Urgent Care ONLY

Tuesday, October 3: Moving Day! Clinic is CLOSED

Wednesday, October 4: Open at our NEW LOCATION for Urgent Care ONLY

Directions to 950 Cummings Center

September 25th Update

Our move to the Cummings Center is now just one week away.

We look forward to serving you in our new location located on the ground level of the parking garage at 950 Cummings Center Suite 99X.

It is located just behind the new Elliot Landing off Elliot Street/Route 62 across from Stop and Shop.

Once you drive into Cummings Center, we will be located on the left between Orange Nail Salon and Fitness Together.

Our ambition is high as we hope to move in two days.  We will be open at our current location Monday October 2nd for URGENT care only.  We will be moving Tuesday with no access for our patients to be seen.  We will resume Wednesday at our new space, taking some time to settle in and see urgent care cases.

There will be no change with our phone, email, fax.

We will have plenty of updates on our website and Facebook page.

Stay tuned for OPEN HOUSE details.

Stuart is so excited for his new home!

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Well if you haven’t heard yet, we are moving! The Cummings Center is welcoming us in October.   As with many adventures here at BANHC, this was not something that was planned.

After the Medicine Shoppe sadly closed its doors in May, we looked into expanding. I called the Cummings Center as I had looked there back in 1998 when they too were just starting out. What a city it has become!

I knew from the moment I met with them that great things could happen. It’s pretty neat as well, as the Cummings Center is named after its founder, Bill Cummings. Tufts University, where I graduated from 25 years ago is now named Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine due to his incredible generosity. It’s full circle for me as I am so proud of the education I received at Tufts.

We will be conservatively expanding so that we can continue to provide the best care for our pets and our owners. We will be located at 99X in the Cummings Center which is just to the left when you come into the main entrance off Route 62/Elliot Street. It is in the retail area located at the base of the parking garage. There are beautiful ponds and landscaping at the Cummings Center. We look forward to welcoming our clients to our new updated facility!

We hope to be able to have little down time as we move over to the new facility. We will most likely have limited office hours for a week or two as we transition over. The thought of packing is never enticing but it will be so exciting to have our new space. Stayed tuned for updates!


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