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Memoriam January 2020

There is a story with each one of these pets that have passed to the rainbow bridge. Cats and dogs, many older, a few young. All loved. Cancer claimed quality of life for many. Other had end stage failure of their bodies. Euthanasia, humane death was the cause of death for most. Most think performing euthanasia is the hardest part of my job. It is not. It is not easy but it is one of the most rewarding parts of my life. To be able to have the relationships with my clients and my pets and be the advocate for humane quality of life….truly a treasured gift. Our pets put us first every day they live with us. They are greeting us at the door, they are our confidants. They ride shotgun in the car. Their pictures cover the fridge. The day they pass is the one day we must put them first.

Ever so grateful for all these stories.


August – January

In Memory of our Beloved Pets

Bruno Amery

Lily Andrada

Dante Anezis

Dodger Boisvert

Chloe Carroll

Imogen Tutu Coffin

Stella Colacchio

Annie Copeland

Barkley Copelas

Oscar Crowley

Sarge Cutter

Buddy Cyr

Sassy Daiell

Lulubelle Deegan-Conroy

Daisy Dickey

Peep Doser

Curly DuBois

Molly Emberley

Toby Fotino

El Guapo Fotino-Babb

Bandit French

Ginger Gilbo

Emma Hand

Tyler Heater

Jitters Hitchman

Judi Jelsma

Bailey Jordan

Shadow Kastanko

Harry Kennedy

Rosie Lebel

Cody Lenard

Madison Machado

Rusty Massaro

Brandi Maxfield

Fluffy McEleney

Molly Menezes

Jack Menezes

Cassie Merriman

Lexi Morgan

Nani Murch

Biscuit Ouimet

Marcus Plakias

Ziggy Pofcher

Froto Price

Jake Rees

Maisy Rimer

Mama Ruocco

Oswald Sahovey

Harper Schuling

China Sciacca

Linus Shirley

Lilo Siemasko

Misty Simon

Frankie Spagnolo

Hattie Faith Tinsley

Peanut Tyrrell

Tessa Van Kirk

Carita White Cerda

Tessa White

Benny Wilson

Moses Woods

“If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

Will Rodgers
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