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May Newsletter 2015

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News & Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

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Spring Newsletter 2015

snowHappy Spring! Love the seasons of New England…they sure challenge us and keeps us on our toes and shoveling! Once the end of January hit, it was storm after storm and closed days at the office. By mid-February, we were seeing the steel roof strain and had to have a bit of emergency snow removal to make sure our staff and clients were safe. That is only one of my several excuses for not having a newsletter!

Caseload at the clinic has continued to be steady and we appreciate you as clients very much. We are continuing to work on staff training and office enhancements to make your pet’s health the best it can be and your experience as a pet owner the most rewarding.


What on earth is Zoobiquity? It is something I am proud to say we have been practicing at Beverly Animal Natural Health Center for years! The name was penned by UCLA Physician, Barbara Natterson-Horowitz MD when she co-authored the book, Zoobiquity in 2012 with Kathryn Bowers.

The concept of zoobiquity is using the knowledge of health and disease across species, bridging information between veterinarians and MDs. As a vet student, I do remember the feeling of not being considered a “real doctor” but I overrode that with the skill of being able to be a doctor to not just one species but many.

Over the more than twenty years of my career, I have used the knowledge that I have acquired with my practice to bring health to my own family, educate clients about their health and their interactions with their pets. I have been able to work with Children’s Hospital when we discovered dogs with Muscular Dystrophy in our own practice. We have seen how our client’s pet therapy dogs have enhanced the lives of patients at hospitals.

Our clients that work in the medical field have taken the relationships that they have with their pets to drive their work to develop new procedures and medications. I have ridden in diabetes charity rides to help my feline and canine diabetic patients as well as the owners that are diabetics.

As a veterinarian, I feel we have always seen humans as just another animal species. At the conference, one doctor said that MDs have seen humans as humans and not just another one of the animal species.

There is so much that we can learn about common health concerns and ways that the evolution of animals teaches us about our own behavior, health and mortality. I am going to pick up the book soon and see what else we can do to make this planet a better place for all of nature, all species included!

Emergency care and specialty care

We have had many clients now choose Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital in Waltham for their emergency care, surgical care and internal medicine expertise on our recommendation. We are excited about this relationship as the staff at Blue Pearl shares our common goal of being the best advocate for your pet with the expertise and accountability that we demand for our clients. They are located just off Route 128 in Waltham and are worth the drive! Please check out their information on their website.

Women in Science and Engineering Program (WISE)

The WISE program is an annual event for Dr. Ricketts and now my daughter to attend! One hour presentations to encourage middle school girls to go after careers in sciences that were predominantly male dominated in the past. I was very excited for my older daughter Mia to attend but she did not get to go to Tucker and Dr. Rickett’s veterinary seminar. She gets plenty of that at home! Thanks to Dr. Ricketts for taking the time to showcase what veterinary medicine can do!

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam


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