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June 2019 Newsletter

The Whole Pet

News & Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

Spring  Newsletter

Happy happy spring! Nothing like living in New England with the seasons. It’s so refreshing to me to see all the blooms happening on a daily basis. It does mean the return of many of our parasites but that comes with lots of play time outside which I love!

It’s been busy at the clinic and there’s so much going on but the additional of time. So I am doing a somewhat abbreviated newsletter to keep you up to date on what we do to do our best to keep your pet healthy and make them our number one priority every day.

Here is my list in no particular order:

Parasite control

We offer just a few specific products to meet the need of protection with safety for our pets. My top choice is Bravecto oral for dogs and Bravecto topical for cats. Offering three month protection with a single dose, Bravecto is very safe, convenient and offers head to toe protection. The best tick is a dead tick. We have incentive rebates as well. This is what I use on my cats. Great for our dogs that are big swimmers.

Seresto is our 8 month flea and tick collar which is the most economical product. It does need to remain on the pet at all times and be just “two finger” tight around the neck . The efficacy will decrease if a swimmer. It comes with small reflectors as well. This is new plastic polymer technology so it is not like the smelly collars of old days! Incentive rebates available.

Please be aware that there have been numerous cases of fraudulent flea and tick control products on line. Please know that we get direct from our manufacturers and have actual humans accountable as we have great reps for these products that ensure the best safety for your pet. And it’s always great to support your local business. We really appreciate it!

Interceptor is back

We have decided to go back to Interceptor for heartworm and gastrointestinal parasite control for our dogs. It was our go to product years ago but was replaced by Sentinel which offers flea protection as well. Now that we have such compliance and efficacy with Bravecto and Seresto, we are able to remove a drug from monthly preventatives and save a few dollars.

Lepto Vaccine

Last fall, there was a tremendous increase in the incidence of leptospirosis in our area. An infectious disease transmitted through rodent and raccoon infected urine, it can be fatal as well as transmissible to humans!. We have recommended that it be one of our core vaccines to all our canine patients. We have chosen the Merck Edge Lepto vaccine with is just a half milliliter volume. It helps provide safety and efficacy ensuring protection! The incidence has likely increased due to the number of pets that have come to New England from flood areas such aa Texas and Puerto Rico.

BluePearl Partnership

I seek colleagues for my patients that mirror my goals for my patients and their owners. Pet #1 and communication with education is key. Dependable, accountable. Our partners at BluePearl offer and deliver that to us on a 24/7 basis with their hospitals in Waltham and Charlestown. Whether it be an after hours toxicity ingestion or a specialized surgery, the doctors and staff are there for us. We get live time communication including lab results and images. The surgeons text me personally when my patient is in recovery.

We know you have choices. We know there maybe a hospital closer but for after hours and speciality care, please consider BluePearl! We know your standards are high because you choose us….thanks!

BluePearl also offers great continuing education seminars that I am able to take advantage of as well. We are “better together” as their slogan states. They have even come to our office to provide educational seminars for our staff. Always learning!

Updated website

It’s been in the works for a while but soon will be released! I am looking for some high resolution pictures of your pets to add to the site. Please send to me at highest resolution to


Please be aware that for any medication prescription refill, we do require a minimum of 24 hours for authorization.   This is to ensure that the exact prescription is what is best for your pet.   We take pride in making sure that all the details of the prescription are just right.   You have seen those commercials these days from AT&T….just “ok” is not good enough.   Not when it comes to the health and well-being of your pet!   Please be patient and plan ahead.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and patient safety.   For any on-line or outside prescription, we aim for 24 hours but some pharmacies such as CVS may take even longer and that  is out of our control.  For on-line prescriptions, we have to check even more data.  Please note that we are competitive for all our pricing on our meds and you receive the caring customer service of our staff and doctors.   We appreciate the support of our small business!

Tufts Alumni Night at the Pops May 17th

So grateful to be a part of the Tufts Alumni Community. What a great program at the Boston Pops Friday night with my hubby! I am celebrating 27 years as a vet. Time flies when you are having fun. Thank you!

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam

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