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June 2018 Newsletter

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June  Newsletter

Happy Summer from beautiful Cummings Center.

We are so happy to be here and hope you are as well. It’s been great to have the connection with my Alma Mater, Cummings Veterinary School at Tufts University. Dr Ricketts was able to attend the recent Cummings Foundation 100K for 100 donation event in which the Cummings Foundation donates $100,000 to 100 local charities. The rent that I pay at BANHC goes to his charity which he shares with so many. Read more about the Cummings Foundation. We are truly blessed with this landlord!

We are also celebrating the 17th anniversary of Dr Ricketts being here at Beverly Animal Natural Health Center. Hard to believe all the years that have passed as we have worked together, become moms together and have cared for countless dogs and cats. Thank you to all our clients for your support.

We are excited to have Sami Bucco from North Shore Community College as our summer intern. She is working on all her technical skills as well as teaching us a thing or two! Being a practice with dental health in the forefront, we are able to demonstrate to her all the workings of dental practice from tooth inventory in our pups to advanced extractions in our patients.

Fourth of July Celebrations

June is flying by so the 4th of July will be here before you know it. Falling on a Wednesday this week, there likely will be fireworks and other festive events all week long. For many of our pets, the noise of fireworks can be very unsettling. We do not advise to take a dog or cat to fireworks. 
They should be at home where they can be kept safe and make sure the home is escape proof in case they panic. We do advise and carry Solliquin, a great anti-anxiety nutritional supplement made by Nutramax. It is non sedating and should be given in the days leading up to the potential event as well as after. We do also recommend the Thundershirt to help ease anxiety for pets. Check out this helpful article “Fireworks Fear in Pets.”

Updated Platform for our communications

We are excited to be launching a new platform to communicate with clients starting the end of the month. It is crazy how there are so many ways to communicate these days and clearly not a one size fits all. With VinX, we will be able to have text reminder system for appointments. You will be able to also be able to see patient test results as well as vaccine history. We are excited to be able to offer this enhanced system to help keep information accessible to our clients. This service is also linked with Veterinary Partner, a great resource we have been using with our clients for years.

We do apologize for the recent Comcast outage that took place Wednesday June 4th and Thursday June 5th. It was completely out of our control and affected millions of businesses throughout the country.  We are grateful for our persistent clients and apologize for any inconvenience it caused our clients. Personally, we do prefer the phone to email communication but in cases like this, please reach out to us or come by the office. Our VinX will have new options as well.

Blue Pearl comes for another visit

Early in June, we were fortunate to have Dr Matt Cleveland and hospital manager Jodi Mevlin join us at BANHC for another lunch and learn. All the staff was educated about splenic disease from identification to treatment. Dr Cleveland works out of the new Charlestown office which helps give our clients added options for referral and after hours care. 
Please check out their site at

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam

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