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June Newsletter 2015

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News & Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

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Had a few items that wanted to share with clients as we head into summer.

Safety in cars

We all know about the importance of not leaving pets in cars during the summer. Even on a 70 degree day, a car can heat up to deadly temperatures in a matter of minutes. Pets don’t need to be out running errands with you! Please leave them home cool and safe.

The other danger that we see and deal with are dogs that are allowed to literally hang out the window of a traveling car. Not only does this put them at risk for eye damage but also for injury if they jump out!

Paulina is one of our patients that fortunately was just banged up after she jumped out of her owner’s moving vehicle. We are so glad that her owner was also not injured as she ran into traffic to try to save her dog! Please use electric window locks and lower the window only to a safe level then lock it so the dog’s paw does not have it go up or down! And please let your friends know about this danger.

Veterinary Association of the North Shore

I participated in the annual Rabies Vaccine Clinic with the Veterinary Association of the North Shore on Wednesday May 3rd at the Tower Hill Fire House in Lynn. I do think it was my twentieth clinic! And my daughters have been helping out for at least the last 3 years.


Looking up a definition on Google, I found this definition of insurance: A thing providing protection against a possible eventuality. Hmm…seems like there may be some contraindication there, a possible eventuality….a definite maybe. I love to think of life with possibilities but the beauty of life with animals is that you really never know what the day will bring.

Over the last few months, we have had the three popular insurance companies, Embrance, Pet Plan and Trupanion come speak to us about pet insurance. Despite being part of the industry for over 20 years, less than 5% of the consumers have pet insurance. Sadly, there is not a great model of human insurance on which to base pet insurance.

Pet care costs have definitely escalated in the last ten years but the predominance of those costs is emergency and specialty costs. As a general practice veterinarian, I feel fortunate to not be spending my time or my staff’s time in eternal paperwork. The time I get to spend with the patient and the owner making a plan for wellness is what counts for me.

But does insurance have a place? For some, maybe. For all, I doubt it. I don’t have pet insurance. I do have an emergency fund that we contribute to monthly that can provide for car, personal health OR pet health concerns and become an investment if not needed. But there are some opportunities to try pet insurance and I do encourage all of our clients to try it.

If you have been in for a visit, we have a certificate from Trupanion insurance for a free 30 day trial after any examination. Be sure to ask for one on your way out. It does need to be redeemed within 24 hours.

Embrace Reviews Tips

Embrace has a great deal for TWO months free insurance that is available anytime as long as you have had an exam within the last twelve months. Check out this link at

Here are some reviews on pet insurance and some tips on choosing pet insurance.

It may not be for everyone, but if it can make your pet’s life better, it’s worth taking a look at. We do encourage everyone to do a trial as they are without any catch. If you have any feedback that would be helpful, please share!

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam


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