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January 2020 Newsletter

The Whole Pet

News & Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

January 2020  Newsletter

Ah…another year. Grateful that I am here in 2020 not only looking back at what BANHC has become but what is to come for the pets and clients of my practice. It’s been a change to be a solo practitioner again after all these years but it’s me practicing more medicine and surgery which I love!

I have been working on new employees to help serve the needs of all of you. As a small business owner, I am fortunate to be able to provide jobs and opportunities for my staff. As clients, you support them as well as their dreams of working in this career.

We all appreciate your trust and support. We appreciate your business!

I hope to be hiring another associate some day but will take some time to find the best fit for BANHC.

Please note that some communications will be by email vs phone as I will often be working later and on weekends. Please check your spam folder to make sure you don’t miss anything from me.

Spotlight on PetSite

Did you know you have access to your pet’s last visit notes? Lab work?

Trying to remember when your pet’s next visit is?

Check out your pet’s “Petsite”. Petsite is a digital record of all your pets medical records. It’s available on any computer including your phone. Really helpful for daycare or boarding to show proof of vaccines or your dog’s latest fecal result.

You can access your PetSite from our home page to request another invite if you don’t recall getting an invite.

Winter Tip

I love playing outside in the winter! I love being so active that I am hot when it’s freezing out. Skinning up a mountain, going for a walk at dusk with my friends and their dog is pure joy to me. I love to think go pups getting to see and play in their first snow!

To help keep their paws warm and safe, check out these booties that work great.
Available on line and in local pet stores.

Dental Health Month

February of each year is noted to be “Pet Dental Health Month”. Here at BANHC, it is every day! There seems to be a day for almost anything from squirrels to whipped cream day which happens to be today as I write this newsletter. Looks like it is dental awareness for people as well starting February 1 st.

Just like our oral health, a pet’s oral health is a significant factor when looking at the overall health of the patient. It only makes sense to take excellent care of our pet’s mouths. They use them for not just eating but for grooming, play, and affection. Offense and defense!

Lily waiting to get her teeth brushed

We encourage owners to get their young pets used to getting their mouth handled. What is your pet’s favorite thing to do or eat? In the case of my cat Lily, it is getting a dental greenie treat after she get’s her teeth brushed in the am. She has a great “stare” that she does each morning on the counter until I oblige! I have trained her and she has trained me!

I also recommend keeping your pet’s mouth gently shut while you are brushing. You should open the mouth every once in a while to assess the teeth and gums but while actively brushing I find that most pets are much more compliant when their mouth is closed.

I follow and recommend Dr Fraser Hale of for more information. Please also check out the dental section on the website.

In Memoriam

It’s been several months since that last newsletter so the list of beloved pets that have passed it quite long. Forever grateful for the impact that they have on our daily lives. It is truly amazing no matter what their size it, they lave their paw prints on out hearts!

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam

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