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February 2017 Newsletter

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News & Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

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Winter Newsletter 2017

Here’s to 2017. I started this newsletter the first week of January and just like a New Year’s resolution, whoosh it’s gone! I am glad I have never been a big fan of them. Heck, I don’t even stay up to watch the ball drop. I prefer the chance to relish every day and try to have a good, productive day. One that I am happy at the end of the day with what I have accomplished. Be that saving a pet’s life or enlightening a client about how to brush their pet’s teeth. It also includes having a really great day of skiing with my family so I can be recharged for the next week!

2016 had its challenges for all of us in one way or another. We have been fortunate to have an amazing staff of amazingly skilled women. The baby boom has hit all at once for our support staff. We spent most of 2016 trying to find the right person to help us with our practice. Not very successful in 2016 but we are excited for all the new opportunities in 2017.

Welcome back Kim!

Kim delivered her second son, Elijah and is already back working.  Jenna just delivered her little baby girl, Amelia. We miss her and wish her health and happiness with her new family.

Welcome Amelia

Alyssa has rejoined the staff to help us out as she was a receptionist years ago before switching careers. Alyssa is expecting in June!

It’s all a bit hectic but Dr Ricketts and I are keeping up with our goals to make your experience at BANHC the best it can be. We are grateful for Brianna helping us out during her college breaks. She sure has been able to get a sense of the challenges of veterinary medicine as she aims to go to veterinary school in a few years.

We ask that you be patient as we train new staff members, Ali, Kate and Savannah. Stuart is still on board keeping us all entertained and serving his needs!

I would also like to thank all the clients that were so kind over the holidays! And actually all year through. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much gratitude.

We thank you for all your kindness and compliance!

Senior Wellness

As our beloved patients age, it is so wonderful to be able to do simple little things that can enhance the quality of their lives. In addition to examinations every six months, there are small little changes you can do right at home that can help your pet.
For feeding, many dogs will do great with elevated feeding bowl especially if they have osteoarthritis that may affect their neck. Put a rug or mat at the food bowls to help them stay steady while they eat. To help ensure good water intake, have a second water dish in another area in the home. This is something our older felines tend to love! It is important as most older animals suffer from some degree of kidney insufficiency so adequate water intake is very beneficial.

Wooly Snuffle Mats, and food puzzles are great for enriching feeding time for both young and old pets!

There is a great mat to help enrich feeding time for both young and old pets! Check out this website at

Food puzzles are great as well.

Many of our older dogs are affected with diminished vision at night as well as depth perception issues. These are natural aging changes that happen. To help, it’s simple to turn on the light switch on the stairs and have a night light. If you do not have carpeted stairs, we highly recommend treads to help ensure traction on stairs.

A younger dog has surely been an incredible stimulus for many of our older pets. The engagement as well as the lessons an older pet can teach a younger pet is wonderful.

Pet Dental Health   

I am so excited to see how many clients are brushing their pet’s teeth. We can tell! February is National Pet dental health month but everyday is dental health day. Paste with taste and make it fun. That’s my recommendations. It is not time consuming but it makes such a difference. You can utilize easy techniques to brush with small cut up pieces of nylons or gauze. You do not have to open your pet’s mouth when brushing. Gently hold the muzzle and wipe inside the gums on the lateral surface of the teeth. Our pets teeth are more like scissors so it is the outside surfaces to which plaque adheres. Check out great information at

Home dental care is so valuable to your pet’s health and enhances your relationship with your pet as well. No bad breath! Our pets deserve the care of their mouth.

Please check out our Facebook Page for more updates, clinic happenings and other tidbits!

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam


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