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Fall 2020 Newsletter

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Fall 2020  Newsletter

Greetings all! It’s been quite a while since I have written a newsletter.  2020 has surely been a year of unprecedented times.  What will we remember 2020 for?  The global pandemic, the movement for racial justice, the wildfires, remote learning. These huge life challenges have also had bright spots. More family time, more time with our pets. Creativity with so many ways to make every day moments memorable.

I am very proud of the staff that has been so resilient to deal with all the challenges that 2020 has tossed at us. We have been able to compassionately and safely care for so many pets. The puppies of the early pandemic are all over 6 months now.  The second wave of puppies is happening now.

Our vestibule has become our COVID portal to healthcare.  We appreciate your compliance in keeping your pet safe and the staff well. At this time, we will continue to be curbside but know that the animals are doing great with it.

At this time, we continue to only have two clients present for end of life care. We are pleased to be able to have our new comfort room for our families.

The expansion is finished and has been great. Stuart approves and we have all been getting some extra steps in as we navigate all the new features! My favorite besides the break room for the staff is our new dental suite. We have a new reception areas as well as more office space for that new associate that I hope to hire soon. The new space helps increase our efficiency for the patients and continues to elevate the care by the technical staff.

Dr Geoff Clark, ACVS  of  Veterinary Surgery of New England and I work in the new surgical suite for both routine and advanced procedures.

We have the new addition of Dr Nancy Laste of  Lasting Impact Cardiology.  A great cardiologist and a dear colleague since my days at Angell Memorial Animal Medical Center back in 1993, she is at BANHC once monthly with her team performing cardiology consults for our patients.

We are also now able to offer abdominal ultrasounds right here with Dr Michael Estrin, DACVIM.

All these great additions allow advanced care right here for the safety and comfort as well as convenience for our clients.

The entire profession has continued to deal with being short staffed and challenged with compassion fatigue and burnout. I am so grateful for the family that I have that keeps me going and understands when I work 14 hours a day to attempt to meet all the needs of the clinic. My glass is always half full and I never give up!  I am very grateful to my clients that have been so supportive.

Please take a minute to read this article and share with family and friends. Kindness goes a long way and remember it’s a ripple effect.

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In Memoriam

It’s been several months since that last newsletter so the list of beloved pets that have passed it quite long. Forever grateful for the impact that they have on our daily lives. It is truly amazing no matter what their size it, they lave their paw prints on out hearts!

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam

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