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Dog Training

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Last Updated: 12-3-2019

The Beverly Animal Natural Health Center works with great trainers on the North Shore and Boston area. We encourage professional training for any age.

To find the best trainer for you and your pet, we recommend trainers that have been educated through established training programs or schools.  There are groups such as Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Association of Pet Dog Trainers that have standards to practice positive reinforcement behavior modification.  Meet with the trainer, observe a class. 

We do not support any use of prong or shock collars.

Everydog Training Center
Diane Kurkjian

My Wags
Carol Watkins

PetDog Training
Glenn E. Goldman, Judith Goldman

She’s a Keeper
Davis Stratta

Zen Dog Training
Nayiri Krikorian

MSPCA / Angell Behaviorists

There are also veterinary behaviorists that have been trained in animal behavior.  We are fortunate to have the highly skilled and passionate team at Angell that helps us with many patients that need expertise in behavior modification.  Check out their info at

A well behaved pet is a great return on investment in training!

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