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December Newsletter 2015

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News & Tips from Beverly Animal Natural Health Center

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Happy Holidays!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing all our patients and clients a happy and healthy 2016. Seems like it was just Y2K and the clinic was just a little over a year old.

2015 has been a good year for us at Beverly Animal Natural Health Center and I hope for you as well. We have completed 2/3 of the clinic outside renovation and it really looks nice!

The final phase will be completed next summer when they add some columns to the front facade and lighting.

Inside, the staff continues to make every day rewarding with their compassion and hard work for our patients and clients. The job was made a bit easier for radiographs when we installed our new digital whole body radiograph system by Idexx.

We have had digital dental for over a decade and finally got this amazing new system for the rest of the body. We can take X-rays in 8 seconds, email them to you in 10 seconds and have superior images with amazing detail. Dr. Ricketts and I can remotely access films within 5 minutes of taking them so a second opinion is easy. The hope is that your pet never needs them but if they do, we have the best in the system. We can also have them read by a veterinary radiologist the very same day.

We are excited to have Dr Susan Neary join us as a veterinary acupuncturist on Tuesday evenings. Being a practicing veterinarian for over twenty years, and performing veterinary acupuncture for over thirteen, Dr. Susan Neary is accepting patients here at BANHC. She has experience treating a variety of conditions from musculoskeletal, neurologic, gastrointestinal to cancer related diseases and other disorders. She graduated from Oregon State Veterinary School and has certification in Veterinary Acupuncture as well as additional educational training at New England School of Acupuncture and Tufts University School of Medicine with a Masters in Science in Pain Research. Dr. Neary has had such success with pets that she went back to school to be a human acupuncturist as well! Please check out this information and call us for more information.

Other important tidbits

We recommend brushing your pets teeth. To make it easier, we recommend a “tube of Petsmiles delicious London broil flavored toothpaste! Check it out at We have tubes available at the office and a limited supply of samples.

It is easy to take care of your pet’s teeth and can help the overall health of your pet so much! Remember, paste with taste and make it fun.

We also recommend The Catered Canine for locally made, completely balanced homemade meals for your dog or cat. It can make up all of your pet’s diet or be a special portion. Check out Allison’s website at or stop by her 15 Oak Street store.

Don’t forget we also offer laser therapy with our Companion Laser. Helpful for a range of health issues from acute injury, chronic pain, osteoarthritis as well as ear and skin problems. More information on this.

Please be aware that ticks are ALWAYS present in the Northeast. We have been very happy with the Seresto collar. Compliance is great with this collar as you just need to put it on and forget about it for 8 months! Excellent protection although we recommend you always still check your dog or cat as no product is 100%!

And as the year winds down, we also pause to remember the many pets that have passed on. With gratitude for the years they have spent at our feet, in our beds…they will forever be in our hearts.

In Memoriam

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam



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