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August 2016 Newsletter


The sunsets are lighting up the sky a little bit earlier each night. The kids will be going back to school very soon. Many of us humans are trying to savor the hot sunny days with family and friends at the beach or on the lake. Our pets are just continuing to live each day as it comes. As many of us with children see them off to school, we are excited about the lessons that they learn academically. As a veterinarian taking care of beloved family pets, I also feel blessed to be mindful about the lessons that our pets can teach us.

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February Newsletter 2016


Happy February….month of love…and dental health. Both should be practiced daily! As pet owners, we are so fortunate to have unconditional love from our dogs and cats on a daily basis. As humans, it is something that we don't always take the time to appreciate it. In these hectic times with kids, work and pets, some of us may not often take the time to just relax and spend a few minutes with our pets never mind brush their teeth. BUT….and it’s a big BUT…don’t you want to make the best of what you’ve got?

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December Newsletter 2015


Happy Holidays! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and wishing all our patients and clients a happy and healthy 2016. Seems like it was just Y2K and the clinic was just a little over a year old. 2015 has been a good year for us at Beverly Animal Natural Health Center and I hope for you as well. We have completed 2/3 of the clinic outside renovation and it really looks nice!

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October Newsletter 2015


Clinic Renovations - The exterior renovations that started last October are finishing up. In addition to the new lower wall that was redone last year, we are getting a new facade with a brand-new sign as well. Hard to believe we have been in the Cabot Plaza for almost 18 years! We hope you like our new look.

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May Newsletter 2015


Happy Spring! Love the seasons of New England…they sure challenge us and keeps us on our toes and shoveling! Once the end of January hit, it was storm after storm and closed days at the office. By mid-February, we were seeing the steel roof strain and had to have a bit of emergency snow removal to make sure our staff and clients were safe. That is only one of my several excuses for not having a newsletter!

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