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September 2018 Newsletter


How does the time go by faster each year?  The summer is somewhat of a blur to me.  Kids are getting older, they spend more time without me.  The office has been busy.  We are coming up on our one year anniversary here at the Cummings Center.  Hard to believe….What a great year it has been.  We have settled in to our office and are so grateful to the staff at the Cummings Center for making our experience here so great. 

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June 2018 Newsletter


Happy Summer from beautiful Cummings Center. We are so happy to be here and hope you are as well. It’s been great to have the connection with my Alma Mater, Cummings Veterinary School at Tufts University. Dr Ricketts was able to attend the recent Cummings Foundation 100K for 100 donation event in which the Cummings Foundation donates $100,000 to 100 local charities. The rent that I pay at BANHC goes to his charity which he shares with so many.

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March 2018 Newsletter


Happy March! This is take two of the February newsletter. I started this the first week of February and like that... time got a way from me and so I decided to just call it March newsletter! The month of February is noted to be senior pet health month and dental health month. I have been working with a lot of my great senior pets and doing plenty of dental care.

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November 2017 Newsletter


Yikes, Phew, Wow, Happy, Hectic, Crazy. So many words to describe our move to Suite 99X at the Cummings Center. We are so grateful and so happy to hear all the words of well wishes and success in our new space. I have never heard the word “amazing” so frequently as I have in the last month as our clients enter our new space.

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June 2017 Newsletter


How is it that the 2017 year is at its halfway point? The bugs are out as well as all the allergens! And we have the best to help you and your pet deal with them all. Seasonal allergies are the pollens, grasses and mold that can cause our animals to itch and scratch. Unlike us, they do not have hay fever which typically causes sinusitis and runny noses. Most of our canine patients end up with rubbing, itching and scratching.

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April 2017 Newsletter


Spring Newsletter 2017 2017 has been off to a good start here at the office. Kim has returned to work full time after the birth of her second son. Alyssa, now 6 months pregnant has been great at the front desk as we get Ali, Kate and Savannah to be part of the team here. Dr Ricketts and I have been balancing the joys of parenthood with the cases at work.

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February 2017 Newsletter


Here’s to 2017. I started this newsletter the first week of January and just like a New Year’s resolution, whoosh it’s gone! I am glad I have never been a big fan of them. Heck, I don’t even stay up to watch the ball drop. I prefer the chance to relish every day and try to have a good, productive day. One that I am happy at the end of the day with what I have accomplished. Be that saving a pet’s life or enlightening a client about how to brush their pet’s teeth. It also includes having a really great day of skiing with my family so I can be recharged for the next week!

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