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August 2019 Newsletter

The Whole Pet

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Summer  Newsletter

Happy Summer!!  Hot, full of activities; going by so fast.  That’s both at the the office and at home where I am spending time with my family as often as I can.  I hope that our clients are taking cues from our pets to play outside, bask in the warm sun, watch the sunsets and go for a swim!  Time is so precious and my animals remind me to live every day to it’s fullest.

Staff Updates

We have been able to host a number of summer students to expose them to careers in Veterinary Medicine.  Sarah joined us from Marblehead and is heading back to Tulane University for her sophomore year.

We also had Sam and Grace, friends from Maine that have listened to my stories on the chairlifts for years.  Sam is currently a sophomore at Georgetown University and Grace is a Junior at Scarborough High School in Maine.

Catie is our local student that is studying pre-vet at UNH after graduating from Essex Tech. She has been such a great addition to our staff and we hope to see her keep coming back each year!

We have Isaiah, our student from the Beverly High School internship staying on as he starts at Salem State University this fall.  We also have Daria who will be studying at North Shore Community College Technician Program. Gretchen has just joined as as well as a Certified Veterinary Technician from Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.  She will be working with Annabelle who is taking a little time off for her honeymoon after her September wedding!

We are sad to see Kim leave as she keeps busy with her family in Maine.

Olyvia is also leaving as she earned her certification in the esthetician industry and will be working full time.  We wish them the best!

Please bear with us as we are training every day to be the best staff for you and your pet.

Boston Leadership Institute

For the second year in a row, I was able to be part of the Boston Leadership Institute Veterinary Program through my partnership with Blue Pearl.  BLI is an award winning three week STEM  program for teens are interested in veterinary medicine.  They get to be immersed through field trips, teaching seminars, labs and one on one discussions with practicing veterinary specialists and myself  as a general practitioner.

There is so much talk in our profession about the high cost of veterinary education, meager starting salaries and mental challenges (compassion fatigue and burnout) and advising students not to go into the profession due to these concerns.  Despite a 14 hour day the day before I was to speak to the students, I couldn’t have had a better time with them. There were 10 students participating.  They hailed all the way from Germany, Los Angeles, the Dominican Republic as well as local  students.    We spoke about the daily challenges I face from Dr Google, drug back orders, compassion fatigue, aggressive patients and jam packed schedules.  We talked about Zoobiquity, heartworm and I brought in my collection of skulls and other bones I have collected over the years.  It recharged me and I hope really impacted the students in positive ways.

Boston Leadership Institute Veterinary Program

Please check out some of the updated sections on the website.

  • Please check out my most recent update on nutrition.  DO NOT FEED GRAIN FREE TO YOUR DOG unless instructed to do so by your veterinarian.
  • We have the Pet Gallery now so please feel free to submit your pets pictures!
  • Check out the updated section on Dental Care. One of my passions and dental care helps both pets and their owners by improving quality of life for all.
  • Updated section on Lyme Disease.  Please check out and use tick prevention. There will be a fall upswing in the number of ticks in our environment.

There are still some glitches on the site so please let us know if you detect anything amiss!

In Memoriam

We said goodbye to so many of our long time patients the past two months. Every one of them has a story. A lifetime of companionship that knew no bounds. A second chance with a rescue finding a forever home.  Years of a client’s amazing devotion to treat the medical needs of their pet.  The loss of both my own sister’s dogs. Tears have flowed quite freely and frequently but I am always so grateful for the trust and relationships that I am able to develop.  Our animals are really amazing souls that give us so much.

We are meeting some new pups and kittens as despite the huge hole in our hearts when we say bye, I know I crave that unconditional love and there are so many pets that do need us to care for them.

Thank you for letting us be part of their circle of life.

In Memory of our beloved pets that have passed: In Memoriam

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