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Curbside Update – June 2021

Just wanted to give you a summer update as we are continuing curbside due to staff shortage. Patient care is our number one goal and the efficiency of curbside that we have done our best to master during the pandemic allows us to see more patients during each day.

One doesn’t need to look far to see help wanted signs or to hear about business that have had to alter their hours due to shortages of workers. The veterinary profession was already taxed with workers before the pandemic and it has only worsened. Due to the heightened stress, more pets needing care, burn out, and other challenges more people have left the veterinary profession than ever before. It is not an easy profession but it’s the one that I love so very much. In order to keep my balance and support my staff, we need to stay curbside so that we can see as many patients as we can each day. It’s tough to have to turn away clients but we have to say no to new owners and to our own needs at times. We have enhanced so many of our care standards to improve efficiency but there are only so many things that we can do. I also have to balance taking care of my patients and taking care of myself so that I can stay well. My family has been so supportive and at least I see them a bit more as they have all taken a role in helping at the clinic during the pandemic.

We continue to be booking out 4-6 weeks for annual exams. What used to be considered urgent care may be a few days out.  Refill requests are 24 hour +.  Local ERs have been closed to non urgent cases. We are so fortunate to be able to have our three board certified specialists, Dr Estrin for Ultrasound, Dr Geoff Clark for surgery and Dr Nancy Laste for cardiology that allow us to be able to provide advanced specialty care without the need for referrals.

As we do all we can to provide the best care for your pet with our skills and compassion, we ask that you help us with patience and kindness. We don’t require you to wear a mask when dropping off your pet  in the vestibule but please be sure to follow the instructions so that your pet is safely transferred to the staff.

Prior to your appointment, please wash your hands thoroughly. Please also give your cat’s carrier a thorough wipe-down.

Once you have arrived at the clinic for your appointment, please call the office to let us know you are here.  Dr Crowley will then get your pet’s history and information. Once complete you will enter the vestibule area with your pet:

For dogs, please secure a provided slip lead on your dog and take off your leash. You will hook the slip lead to the carabineer (hook) and exit the vestibule.  The technician will then bring your dog in for the exam.

For cats, please leave your cat in its carrier in the vestibule; a staff member will bring your cat in for the exam.

Once your pet has been brought into the hospital, we will do the examination and any treatments needed.  Dr Crowley will call with an update and plan on your cell phone. All appointment communications will be delivered via telephone.

All payments will be processed via Credit Card over the phone at the end of the appointment. If you need accommodations to pay via check or cash, please discuss this with our staff prior to your appointment.

Once the appointment is completed, a team member will return your pet to the vestibule for pick-up. Please be ready and waiting outside of the vestibule once payment has been processed for a smooth pick-up experience.

Please be assured that the pets are doing great when they come in.  We have great staff to minimize any stress without you and they typically get to spend less time in the hospital since we are taking the history intake before they come in.  We use lots of treats and fear reducing handling techniques.


We are continuing to refill medications and preventatives. All orders will be prepaid with a credit card  over the phone when the order is placed. Please collect your products from the vestibule.

If a client is waiting with their pet for a curbside check-in, please wait for the check-in to be completed prior to entering the vestibule.

We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. The Beverly Animal Natural Health Center has our clients’ and patients’ best interest in mind, and we appreciate our clients working alongside us to do our part to help protect the community.

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I founded the Beverly Animal Natural Health Center in 1998 to offer a holistic approach to patient care for dogs and cats. I look at the patient as a whole in their everyday environment and factor in nutrition, activity and enrichment to enhance their well being.

I love to educate clients every day about wellness and health issues. Teaching clients how to be advocates for their pets is my passion. I am able to utilize a combination of cutting edge technology and resources combined with compassion and patient driven care to make it happen.

With my staff I am able to offer preventative, surgical and dental care.

What is Holistic?

The holistic approach means focusing on the patient as a whole in their everyday environment and factoring in nutrition, activity, and socialization to offer the best treatments.

We incorporate this approach for all our patients seeking routine preventative care as well as for surgical and medical care.

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